a group of five police offices wearing tactical gear and carrying shields walking down Michigan avenue in Chicago

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It’s time to end our reliance on criminalization and retribution in the U.S. We must adopt transformative alternatives rooted in healing and human dignity.

Prisons and policing don’t keep us safe. Even with the world’s highest incarcerations rate, the U.S. faces high rates of gun violence. AFSC advocates for community-based approaches that work better to create accountability, facilitate healing, and prevent harm.


Public records requests filed to gather data for “Equipped for War,” a detailed look at militarized policing in California. 


Letters from people in New York and New Jersey prisons answered by AFSC staff and volunteers in FY22.

Related Programs

Everyone has a role to play in creating safe, healthy communities for all—without relying on prisons or policing. Our programs work in partnership with communities across the U.S.

A speaker addressing a rally at a podium in front of a government building, with a photographer taking a photo from the side

Michigan Criminal Justice

The Michigan Criminal Justice Program works directly with people imprisoned in Michigan to advocate for and with them, with the long-term goal of prison de-population. 

Students taking notes during an anti-racism workshop

St. Louis Peacebuilding

The St. Louis Peacebuilding Program partners with young people to empower them to create change at the institutional and systemic level.  

person with black fedora speaking into mic at a park

Twin Cities Healing Justice

The Twin Cities Healing Justice program works to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline through anti-racist youth organizing, restorative practices, coalition building and centering the voices of youth of color. 

person standing in gymnasium talking to a group of youth

New York and New Jersey Healing Justice

AFSC’s NY/NJ Healing Justice Program supports people to heal and take leadership roles in confronting injustice. We work to improve the lives of the currently and formerly incarcerated.

A group of people stand in a line, several holding a banner that says


AFSC's Wabanaki Program works to heal the trauma of Wabanaki communities in Maine. We draw communities together to confront injustices and promote healing among Maine's four Wabanaki tribes. 

An organizer addresses a press conference from the steps of San Francisco City hall, concerning police use of killer robots

California Healing Justice

The California Healing Justice Program works to reduce reliance on incarceration and policing and replace them with restorative, healing practices. We concentrate on three areas: ending mass incarceration, demilitarizing police, and the promotion of healing alternatives.

people at an outdoor action holding signs about the child tax credit

West Virginia Economic Justice

The West Virginia Economic Justice Project (WVEJ) works statewide on issues affecting low income and working families. We build effective coalitions in support of economic justice for all people.

A woman in a headscarf addresses people attending an exhibit featuring Muslim artists

Chicago Peacebuilding

Chicago Peacebuilding is peacebuilding work for the 21st Century. We work to dismantle militarist practices and support the well-being of those targeted and criminalized by state violence.

An earth moving vehicle demolishing a road as part of a forced displacement in the West Bank

Economic Activism

The Economic Activism program aims to expose, isolate, and reduce corporate complicity in state violence. We especially focus on corporations involved in incarceration and immigrant detention, the Israeli occupation, and the border industries.

Students taking notes during an anti-racism workshop

St. Louis Peacebuilding

The St. Louis Peacebuilding Program partners with young people to empower them to create change at the institutional and systemic level.  

Public Policy and Advocacy

Public Policy and Advocacy

AFSC has more than a century of experience working with communities across the globe. In our policy and advocacy work, we bring these perspectives to the U.S. capital, United Nations, and other policy bodies.

A prominent Palestinian organizer speaks to an audience during a speaking tour

Palestine Activism

For decades, AFSC has worked to realize a just and lasting peace in Palestine and Israel. Today, we have offices in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Gaza, and across the U.S.

A woman in a hijab leads a march holding a banner and a bullhorn microphone

New Hampshire

AFSC’s New Hampshire Program works to nourish a growing movement of people calling for social, racial, and economic justice.

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