We believe that everyone has a role to play in building a more just, sustainable, and peaceful future. Our programs work in partnership with communities across the U.S. and around the world.

Painted mural on a city wall showing young people in action for various causes

67 Sueños

Location: California
Issues: Migration & Immigrant Rights, Global Peace

67 Sueños is a leadership development program for migrant Latinx youth ages 14-18. The program includes political education, trauma healing, and ARTivism. Youth gain skills in community organizing and connect with local social justice movements.

An organizer with a megaphone addresses marchers with a banner reading

AFSC Florida

Location: Florida
Issues: Migration & Immigrant Rights

AFSC Florida coordinates local, statewide, and national campaigns to demand the fair treatment of all immigrants and build collective power. We focus on immigrant justice, immigration legal services, and just economies.

High school students standing in a school library talking together

Appalachian Center for Equality

Location: West Virginia
Issues: Economic Justice

The Appalachian Center for Equality (ACE) is a youth leadership program. We create opportunities for young people in southern West Virginia to pursue their goals by working and learning together.

man holding sign that says house not for sale

Atlanta Economic Justice

Location: Georgia
Issues: Economic Justice

The Atlanta Economic Justice Program (AEJP) works for economic and social justice. Through training, grassroots organizing and leadership development, we help build a culture of activism. We work with communities to build coalitions and resist injustice.

man working on electrical machinery

Burundi: Youth & Community Empowerment

Location: Burundi
Issues: Global Peace

AFSC’s Burundi Program aims to create a society where all people can enjoy peace and dignity, meet their basic needs, and make meaningful contributions to peace and community development. 

An organizer addresses a press conference from the steps of San Francisco City hall, concerning police use of killer robots

California Healing Justice

Location: California
Issues: Prisons & Policing

The California Healing Justice Program works to reduce reliance on incarceration and policing and replace them with restorative, healing practices. We concentrate on three areas: ending mass incarceration, demilitarizing police, and the promotion of healing alternatives.

A woman in a headscarf addresses people attending an exhibit featuring Muslim artists

Chicago Peacebuilding

Location: Illinois
Issues: Prisons & Policing

Chicago Peacebuilding is peacebuilding work for the 21st Century. We work to dismantle militarist practices and support the well-being of those targeted and criminalized by state violence.

two people holding up sign that reads citizenship now

Colorado Immigrant Rights

Location: Colorado
Issues: Migration & Immigrant Rights

The Colorado Immigrant Rights Program organizes allies, faith leaders, and immigrants to support immigrant justice. From resisting deportation to fomenting positive narratives, we advocate for policy change.   

people pointing at plants in a green field

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea)

Location: North Korea, Asia
Issues: Global Peace

AFSC has a long history of involvement on the Korean peninsula dating back to 1953. The first AFSC delegation to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, or North Korea) was in 1980. Today, our current program works with farmers in North Korea to increase yields on cooperative farms through testing new innovations.

people seated in a circle in discussion, one sits down and plays guitar

Dialogue and Exchange

Issues: Global Peace

Global south leaders—from the grassroots, civil society, and government—come together to learn, exchange ideas, and collectively solve problems through AFSC’s Dialogue and Exchange Program (DEP).  

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